Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, here are a few great gifts for mom.

CAP Beauty

It dawned on me that while I spend a good amount of time enhancing my mind, body and spirit, I often neglect giving my face that same attention. Perceiving facials as a luxury, I rarely indulge. On the flip side, I  work out daily and have no problem dropping $30-35 for an exercise class. So while I work to keep my body toned, I fail to show the same courtesy to my face. It begs to ask, what am I doing to work on improving my facial muscle tone and elasticity? Most women want amazing flawless glowing skin. Genetics and a good night's sleep can only get us so far. If we want amazing flawless skin what do we need to do to get it? 

1. Use good all natural products, free of toxic chemicals. Why? Because our skin is our largest organ and absorbs all we put on it. I can attest to having my endocrine system going out of sync because of toxins found in sunscreen. I know it's easy to use our old go-to products, but when you really think about it, what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it.  So if you are buying organic foods, doesn't the same principle apply? 

2. Improve facial muscles & elasticity with monthly facials that incorporate facial massages & acupuncture. This goes back to working our skin like we work our other muscle groups. While I love using a Clarisonic brush at home to exfoliate and stimulate the facial tissue, I rarely massage my own visage. Facials massages are a great way to work the lymphatic system while toning the epidermis. In addition there are some great non-invasive & non-thermal micro-current machines, oxygen treatments and LED light machines offered at top salons that stimulate collagen production and tone the facial muscles.  

3. Eat well, hydrate and as noted before, sleep sleep and more sleep!  

Kerrilynn Palmer & Cindy DiPrima opened their doors to the long awaited CAP Beauty on Valentine's Day, selling amazing all-natural products in the old Castor & Pollux space on West 10th street. While I love online shopping, I like to smell everything and test it out before I buy. Yes, I am that person you'll find unscrewing all of the tops on shampoos or body lotions to smell them before I commit.  For me, the worst thing is buying a product only to discover I will never use it after I find the smell offensive. It's like spending the night with a man that wears bad cologne. And if I am spending $90 or more on a facial cream, it better work and smell good!! CAP carries some fantastic lines, some more recognizable ones like Tata Harper, Pai and Dr Alkaitis, but they also have a number of newer up and coming brands. The pale pink walls and unlacquered brass accents have transformed the once dark clothing boutique. The best all-natural products line their shelves and you can smell and sample every product- my kind of store! On April 1st they will be offering facials that boast 30 minutes of facial massage, facial acupuncture and more. I can't think of a better way to invigorate & revitalize my skin after this long winter, shedding the layers, embracing the rejuvenation of spring!  Here are a few of my favorite products at CAP.

For the Outdoorsman

They say it's hard to find presents for guys. Why? Because men tend to buy what they want, when they want it. Not that women aren't guilty of the same but our purchases are more frequent, generally take up less space and constitute less commitment. Handbag verses surf board- while they may cost the same they are totally different animals. 

My friend Adam requested I post more "dude" friendly things.  So I thought for all you outdoorsmen, I would post a selection of toys you already own or are vying for!  If the latter is true, pass this list along to your significant other- we are always trying to find the perfect present for you!!

The Class

The Class With Taryn Toomey

Over the last seven months I have been obsessed with this workout class. Taryn's vivacious personality keeps the class focused, encouraging her students to "stay on it" even when your muscles are aching and one more doesn't seem possible.  The icing on the cake- awesome music that I actually want to listen to.

Look out for the opening of Kerrilynn Pamer's, owner of Castor & Pollux, all natural spa located in the old Castor & Pollux retail store.  The spa will offer some great services and only carry 100% natural beauty products.  Her gorgeous jewelry will be sold through her on-line retail sight.