Where There's Smoke

With last week's cold front, the radiators in my apartment were barely shooting out enough BTU’s to stay warm. Layering up wasn’t enough, so I took myself to a Korean spa to recalibrate in their steam room and sauna.  This was the moment I dreamed of having a gorgeous working fireplace.  

A fireplace is often the focal point of many rooms, in Frank Llyod Wright’s case, central to his homes.  Often one locates the furniture around the fireplace in a living room or directly across from it in a bedroom for optimal enjoyment and equal distribution. When a fireplace is the central focus of a room, then make it beautiful.  Here are some of my favorite mantels and fireplace accessories.

Silver Lining

While my first blog post focused on all things touched in gold, I am following suite highlighting another precious metal- silver. 1. Judith Lieber's Large Airstream Jet Multi Camouflage Clutch would dress up any pair of jeans. 2. I have used Jean Pelle's fabulous Large Bubble Chandelier for several clients ranging from a Hamptons beach house to a child's bedroom. With a choice of plain glass, 12K white gold (as shown) or 24K gilded globes, one could use it in a variety of places. 3. Loeffler Randall Blaise Suede Moccasins are perfect for spring & summer. 4. The chrome backplate on these Antique Glass Sconces Attributed to Kalmar transforms the staggered clear glass columns with shades of silver. 5. When shopping in London last June, I spotted these stunning Quartz Tables at Dale Rogers Ammonite. 6. William Jackson's round disk 216 Andirons in polished pewter accent any small fireplace with a touch of modernity. 7. And last but certainly not least, adorn your toes with Butter London Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer- my tried & true staple for the last two years.

Rimmed in Silver