With the end of summer fast approaching, it's the perfect time to snatch some great deals. Here are some favorites


In the months ahead, we'll be breaking out our Coppertone, but when we are talking about metals, Cu is my new favorite metallic- the sophisticated pink!! It's stylish, warm and feminine. First inspired by Gabriel Scott's Harlow chandelier, I am now obsessed with everything copper and it's cousin, rose gold. I  am even contemplating dying my hair a pinkish copper. Look at all the beautiful things to be had in this hue.

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, here are a few great gifts for mom.

Spring Fling

I just got back from sunny LA which re-invigorated me with vitamin D and the promise of warmer days ahead- a much needed break from this cold, rain and snow. Spring weather always puts a stride back in my step, and what better way to feel good than to add a few new pieces to your spring wardrobe. It certainly did the trick for me!! 

Holiday Gift Guide

If you are still in need of last minute holiday gifts, here are some ideas for your friends and family.

Fall Fashion

While I usually avoid buying fall clothes until the temperature significantly drops, I found time to survey what is out there and spotted these don't miss items for the upcoming season. 

For the Outdoorsman

They say it's hard to find presents for guys. Why? Because men tend to buy what they want, when they want it. Not that women aren't guilty of the same but our purchases are more frequent, generally take up less space and constitute less commitment. Handbag verses surf board- while they may cost the same they are totally different animals. 

My friend Adam requested I post more "dude" friendly things.  So I thought for all you outdoorsmen, I would post a selection of toys you already own or are vying for!  If the latter is true, pass this list along to your significant other- we are always trying to find the perfect present for you!!

Silver Lining

While my first blog post focused on all things touched in gold, I am following suite highlighting another precious metal- silver. 1. Judith Lieber's Large Airstream Jet Multi Camouflage Clutch would dress up any pair of jeans. 2. I have used Jean Pelle's fabulous Large Bubble Chandelier for several clients ranging from a Hamptons beach house to a child's bedroom. With a choice of plain glass, 12K white gold (as shown) or 24K gilded globes, one could use it in a variety of places. 3. Loeffler Randall Blaise Suede Moccasins are perfect for spring & summer. 4. The chrome backplate on these Antique Glass Sconces Attributed to Kalmar transforms the staggered clear glass columns with shades of silver. 5. When shopping in London last June, I spotted these stunning Quartz Tables at Dale Rogers Ammonite. 6. William Jackson's round disk 216 Andirons in polished pewter accent any small fireplace with a touch of modernity. 7. And last but certainly not least, adorn your toes with Butter London Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer- my tried & true staple for the last two years.

Rimmed in Silver