In the months ahead, we'll be breaking out our Coppertone, but when we are talking about metals, Cu is my new favorite metallic- the sophisticated pink!! It's stylish, warm and feminine. First inspired by Gabriel Scott's Harlow chandelier, I am now obsessed with everything copper and it's cousin, rose gold. I  am even contemplating dying my hair a pinkish copper. Look at all the beautiful things to be had in this hue.

Pintura Studio

Pintura Studio has been one of my favorite fabric lines for the last fifteen years.  Owners, Ed & Chris, are true artists and a pleasure to work with. They started their company eighteen years ago doing custom hand-printed fabrics. Since then they have expanded their business and created a ready-made line of fabrics and wallpapers represented at Studio Four in NYC and Harbinger in Los Angeles.

Last week I went to their studio on East 4th Street to find inspiration and see some of their latest creations. I was excited to hear they are venturing into the hospitality sector and company's like The Soho House will be lining their walls in the soon to open Chicago location.

While their ready-made fabrics are beautiful, I am biased to their custom work which offers one the ability to be creative and do something unique. You can print on a variety of different fabrics from silk, linen and velvet with your color of choice paint. Ed & Chris are happy to work with clients on new patterns & designs or work at modifying any of their existing patterns. For me that's a win win. 

Below are some of my favorites from their current collection and archives.