All The Young Dudes

When I was younger my mom decorated my room in pink and more pink (in florals).  After thirty-nine years I have just started to like pink in decorating, but still have an aversion to petal pink clothing. So much has changed in the last twenty-five years with kids furniture and colors. No one decorated in grey back then, it was either blue, green, pink or yellow. Long gone are the days of a white painted turned crib with either pink or blue bumpers. Now they offer loads of modern colorful cribs that actually go with the rest of your home & decorating sensibility.  

Decorating & accessorizing a young child's bedroom can be loads of fun and easy. You can even pay homage to your child's creativity with things like Holland & Sherry's custom hand knotted rug below that transposed a child's artwork for the pattern. Children by nature have wild imaginations and are full of creativity. What better place to foster that than in their room.  My brother and I used to build forts- we would tent any room with our entire linen closet, stack books on tables to secure the blankets- basically creating a virtual nightmare for my mother. When we stopped with the forts, I used to hide away in our linen closet with a book light, pad of paper and some overweighted pencil with a heart shaped eraser. Nowadays they sell chic indoor tents and teepees that not only look awesome but also guarantee playing or reading time. Below are a number of goodies that your children will be sure to enjoy and at the very least, you will enjoy looking at!