Agnes Martin at LACMA

On a recent trip to LA I saw the Agnes Martin's tranquil tonal abstract works of art at the LACMA. Much like Rothko's color field paintings, Martin's neutral muted palette calms the mind and spirit transforming thought into simple sound bites- lines, colors, geometry, abstraction, simplicity and order. All of which juxtaposes Robert Mapplethorpe's exhibition on the floor below. Thought provoking, historically groundbreaking and controversial, currently relevant. Was he a man ahead of the times, pressing issues that our country was unable to accept? Which in the face of recent current affairs begs the question- How are we as a people progressing? Where in this country are we still struggling with acceptance, with fear, with self worth. We are human, we are beautiful, in all are colors, in all shapes, in all our forms, that is our greatness.