Flower Power

These flowers sat between powerful men as they signed agreements designed to influence the fate of the world.
—Taryn Simon   

Before it closes on March 26th, check out Taryn Simon's work at Gagosian in Chelsea. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, inspired by images from meetings with global leaders, Simon recreated the floral arrangement most would overlook as a means to represent its larger historical significance while simultaneously juxtaposing its obvious feminine nature. She intently curates each element in this exhibition beyond the floral arrangements, to the various colorfield backdrops and custom designed mahogany frames that were inspired by the UN's mid-century furniture. My favorite pieces in the exhibition are the 12 flower-press sculptures placed in the middle of the large gallery atop concrete stands housed in tall acrylic boxes.  Again Simon shows her ability to fully immerse herself in the details. She worked with a botanist and imported over 4000 species from the world's largest flower auction in the Netherlands.  After photographing the arrangements she had each flower dried, hand sewn and identified on archival herbarium paper.  If you appreciate details steeped in historical context- GO !!