Roman Beat

I returned from Italy last Monday. To my surprise I was still charmed with Rome- the narrow cobblestone streets, plaster walls, the many piazzas, the Roman ruins, the varied architecture and bohemian order.  I adored returning to the Pantheon and its perfectly constructed rotunda; biking through the Borghese Gardens; exploring the MAXXI museum, and walking for hours and then more. And of course the food- Roman artichokes; sea bass crudo with fresh peaches and toasted pine nuts; hazelnut & pistachio gelato! 

After a few days in Rome I spent a week in southern Tuscany visiting dear friends who had rented a home in Capalbio- a small rural town northwest of Rome, not far from the beach. The house itself was stunning and I am officially obsessed with Venetian plaster instead of marble tile in my shower!! We ventured to the nearby Grosseto and then onto Siena to have a late lunch on the Piazza del Campo. Siena had just celebrated their Palio horse race two days before- so the fan shaped piazza was still packed with dirt covering the brick and cobble stone surface beneath. After a few Aperol spritz's we loaded our brains with some Sienese history and nuances of their black and white striped marble cathedral.  

I filled my days sleeping late, morning cappuccinos overlooking the countryside, attempting to make fig jam from the fresh figs trees on the property, late lunches with a variety of cured meats, salads & wine, daily swims in an infinity pool overlooking the sea and sundowners under pink and purple skies. The best of all- spending time with my adorable, energetic and inquisitive godson all the while being surrounded by my loving friends and their adoring families.  

Aside from being on vacation, I can't help but ease into the pace of life there, as if I had always been there. It's the pace of life, the colors, the sunshine, the food, the charm, the warm days and nights and all its beauty that resonate with me.  What I once mistook as a feeling of a past life is more about having found a place where my own natural rhythm is perfectly in sync with this country's natural rhythm.  As I am tuning more and more into the energetic flow of homes and the items we fill them with, I am becoming more aware of the larger macro energy of cities & countries and how everything has it's own unique beat.