Parisian Heatwave

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of venturing to Paris for a few days. In spite of the heatwave and temperatures well into the high 90's, I still enjoyed my time there!

Palais de Tokyo
At the Palais de Tokyo I explored Celeste Boursier-Mougenot's Acquaalta which is running until mid September. Patrons row individual flat bottom boats over 3' of water into darkness while melancholic music plays in the background, evoking Venetian floods. While I would have preferred more upbeat classical music, it still had a very strong affect on me and was roused at the mere execution.
Monsieur Bleu
I stumbled upon this restaurant at the back side of the Palais de Tokyo. It is hands down one of the most beautifully designed spaces. The color palette, mix of materials and scale succinctly spoke to one another. I adored the vertical plaster relief walls, simple vertical sconces and brass clad vestibules. Joseph Dirand designed the space- genius and gets five stars in my book!

Palais Galliera
At the recommendation of my friend Alex Winokur, a fashion executive, I went to see the Lanvin Exhibition and it was well worth it! I was mesmerized at Jeanne Lanvin's use of color, materials and lines.  Each dress and coat was impeccably designed, one more beautiful than the next. Sadly no photographs are allowed but trust me, if you have the time, go!

Le Richer
My Parisian friend informed me that restaurants are legally only allowed to lower the temperature by 10 degrees from the exterior temperature. I felt like I was sitting in a sauna, but fully clothed. This led me to blow out the candle at our table, much to the chagrin of our waiter! Litmus test: if one can appreciate a meal while sitting in their own sweat, this restaurant must be doing something right.