Can food be organismic? I went to see the movie The Chef with my friend, whose name I won't mention, and he whispered in my ear that he was getting turned on watching all of the yummy food being prepared & plated. I totally registered with him.

My dear friend Danyelle Freeman, aka Restaurant Girl, and I share a love for food- she is one of my favorite people to dine with because she is adventurous and willing to try everything. I can recall several dinners with her, where we took a bite of something delicious and were immediately blown away at how amazing it was, laughing that is was orgasmically so good.

While I love trying new restaurants and dishes, there are some that keep me coming back for more. The dish that I salivate for and want to eat again and again, the one I savor while eating, the one that touches all of my senses. Well that's the foodgasm. Here are just a few of my current obsessions. Some are tried and true staples that you don't want to miss, while other's are off the charts.